10 facts about the Battle Against Shell in Mayo


1. The Corrib Gas field is worth over 30 billion euro. Enough to get Ireland working again.

2. Under the deal signed by the corrupt Minister, Fianna Fail’s Ray Burke, the taxpayer has no stake in the gas field and gets no royalties.

3. Shell, Statoil and Vermilion will pay virtually no tax.

4. The health and safety of the local people is being put seriously at risk with an experimental high risk pipeline close to their houses.

5. Environmental damage will result from refining the gas on shore. Gas flaring and ‘run off’ are not healthy.

6. The Gardai have threatened and batoned protestors. Millions has been spent on Garda resources to force this refinery on the local population.

7. Shell’s hired mercenaries have beaten protesters. The boat of local fisherman and Shell To Sea activist Pat O’Donnell was sunk at night by armed and masked men

8. Most of the Irish media have actively colluded in demonising protestors and ignoring Garda and Shell violence.

9. This is the first refinery of its kind. There are plans for more.

10. You can help stop this injustice.

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Workers Solidarity 110 July - August 2009 Edition

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