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The Workers Solidarity Movement is an anarchist organisation. Anarchism is the idea that we should organise society in a non-hierarchical way without bosses. We don't want to live in a society that is divided into order-givers and order-takers. We stand for a real socialism based on freedom and democracy.

A lot of people know that hierarchies and authoritarianism are bad for us. Remember school? Think about what it's like at work? You're told to do something - so you must do it! But must you? Anarchists recognise that hierarchy and authoritarianism exist to serve only one end - the efficient exploitation of workers. But we believe there is another way to do things - society could be organised through workplace and community councils, through grassroots democracy, from the bottom up.

A lot of people accept that there's a need for change, but not many have any real idea of how change can come about. Anarchists want a revolution! We don't think General Elections make a whit of difference. Remember the anarchist slogan - Whoever gets in, the government still wins. We reject any system that is divided into rulers and ruled, bosses and workers. Anarchists stand for direct action and solidarity among and between workers. We see change coming through our own efforts, by our own strength!

When people hear about anarchism, they often say 'That's a great idea but would it work?' Well, what's so great about the present set-up? Rents and house prices have gone through the roof. Wages and pay have limped along while profits have soared. Everyone is working harder, but the gap between the rich and poor has widened massively in the last while. And what about corruption in high places? And politicians and brown paper bags? Racism against Travellers and asylum seekers? The truth is that the present system is rotten and we need to change it. Would it really be that difficult to do better than what we have now?

There's plenty more that could be said about anarchism. If you like what you have read in this paper, and would like to find out more information about anarchism or the WSM, we would love to hear from you.

Regular readers will have noticed our new format. This change - we will now be producing a larger print run and bringing the paper out more regularly (initially 6 times a year) - is the result of a review which we have been carrying out over the past while. We now want to build up a national distribution network of members and contacts who will ensure that the paper reaches anyone taking part in oppositional politics anywhere in Ireland.

For this we need your help. Can you take 10/15/20 or more copies to distribute among your friends/workmates? Please get in touch with us and we will send you on some more copies for distribution.

Remember we've got a world to win, but we can't do it without your help!!

This article is from Workers Solidarity 60 - September 2000

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