Belfast: Just Learning presents 'Marx in Soho' & 'Fever' in the Peoples Bank


Marx in Soho, written in 1999 by historian Howard Zinn and author of the ‘Peoples History of the United States’, is presented by the Just Books Collective and is a one-man play on the life of Karl Marx.  Zinn stated that he wrote the play to "show Marx as few people knew him, as a family man, struggling to support his wife and children." The play depicts Marx resurrected to defend the ideals of communism from the dehumanized version of it practiced in the former Soviet Union and to defend humanity from capitalism.

 The play which has also been shown in Dublin and Cork is a brilliant introduction to Marx's life, his analysis of society, and his passion for radical change. Zinn also shows how Marx's ideas are relevant in today's world.

According to Michael Moore an American film-maker, social critic and activist the play ‘is smart, it was funny, and it was the perfect thing for the times in which we live."

"Brian Jones deserves the highest "marx." Find out how Karl Marx lived, what he thought, and what he might think today. Hilarious and informative. A superb performance."-Amy Goodman

 The play will take place this Saturday at 2pm in the Peoples Bank 94-96 Royal Avenue. Admin.: Waged 6 / Unwaged 4

Back in Belfast after 6 years Jerry Levy makes a welcome return with his performance of 'The Fever' tomorrow evening at 8pm in the same building.

"Jerry Levy's performance of The fever is, like all the best performances, a deeply felt exploration of how to live - by turns heartbreaking, terrifying and very funny" Harry Giles, The Forest Cafe and Theatre, Edinburgh.

Levy plays the part of a sensitive, well educated, arts loving and consumption-driven man, travelling in a poor country, discovering that his life-affirming existence is related to the often brutal suffering of others. In the bathroom of a hotel our 'anti-hero' feverishly defends and relentlessly attacks his own way of life. Inner voices and imagined characters fuel his fever as he narrates and enacts his story.

Just Leaning is a community based programme initiated by the Just Books Collective.  Just Books has a history of being an outlet for radical and revolutionary ideas that stretches back to the opening of the original shop in Winetavern Street, by the Belfast Anarchist Collective, in June 1978. While the shop closed its doors in June 1994 the Just Books Collective continued to provide stalls at events such as grassroots gatherings and at Belfast's annual May Day celebrations.

The new online Just Books at  carries titles on a wide range of topics such as: Irish and international labour history, Irish politics, anarchism, auto/biography, feminism, communism, socialism, sex and sexuality, current affairs, fiction, history, globalisation, labour legislation, philosophy, politics, racism/anti-racism, environmental issues, cook books and more.


Just Books now selling books in Na Croisbhealaí workers co-operative, 48 King Street in Belfast city centre