Belmullet: Protest to be held outside Belmullet Garda Station on Saturday


A protest will be held on Saturday, April 9th 2011 outside Belmullet Garda station, Co. Mayo at 2pm. Shell to Sea are inviting people to join this demonstration in support of all the women and men who have been harassed, threatened and intimidated by Gardaí, especially in light of the recently documented comments about the deportation and rape of two female Shell to Sea campaigners. This is not the first example of Garda intimidation and threats against campaigners in Erris. The recording is a glimpse of the reality of intimidation and violence that has dominated community life since Shell's arrival in Co. Mayo.

 The past 11 years have seen repeated instances of physical and verbal assaults against campaigners. A number of these incidences were documented in the Frontline Report of 2010, which was a damning indictment of the collaboration between Gardaí and Shell's private security IRMS. However, despite this report and the 120 citizen complaints to the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission, there has been no change in the policing of the project.

The protest this Saturday has been called to put a stop to threats, violence and intimidation by the Gardaí, as well as to demand the immediate suspension of the Gardaí in question. Shell to Sea are also calling for a full independent investigation into the policing of the Corrib Gas Project by both the Gardaí and Shell's private security IRMS.  

If your on Facebook you can RSVP there - please consider also posting the event to your profile to show solidarity

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