Bibliography of the Wee Black Booke of Belfast Anarchism



  1. Newspapers
  2. Official papers
  3. Books and journals
  4. Interviews and correspondence

The Anarchist (Glasgow)
Belfast News Letter
Belfast Telegraph
Irish News

2. Official papers
International Genealogical Index (IGI) @, 1881 British Census.
IGI @, 1880 US Census & US marriage record, 6 February 1884.
New Register House, Registrar General’s Office for Scotland, Census of Scotland, 1891.
Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI), Home Affairs, Royal Ulster Constabulary, Special Branch Files, HA/30/1/ series.

3. Books and journals
Paul Arthur, The People’s Democracy 1968-1973 (Belfast, 1974).
Paul Avrich, Anarchist Portraits (Princeton, 1998).
William Bailie, Josiah Warren: The First American Anarchist: A Sociological Study (New York, 1906).
Belfast Libertarian Group, Ireland, Dead or Alive? (Belfast, 1973).
Florence Boos, ‘William Morris’ Socialist Diary, edited, annotated and with an introduction and biographical notes’, in History Workshop Journal, Issue 13 (Spring 1982).
Andrew Boyd, Jack White, First Commander, Irish Citizen Army (Belfast, 2001). John W. Boyle, The Irish Labour Movement in the Nineteenth Century (Washington, 1988). Jason Brannigan, The Meaning of Anarchism by Captain Jack White (Belfast, 1998). John Taylor Caldwell, Come Dungeons Dark (Barr, 1988).
John Taylor Caldwell, Severely Dealt With: Growing up in Belfast and Glasgow (Brighouse, 1993).
S.J. Connolly (Ed.), The Oxford Companion to Irish History (Oxford, 1996). Tim Pat Coogan, The IRA (London, 1987). Bernadette Devlin, The Price of My Soul (London, 1969). Emma Goldman, Living My Life Vol.I (New York, 1931).
Malachy Gray, ‘Reminiscense: A Shop Steward Remembers’, in Saothar, No.11 (1986).
Jonathon Green, Days in the Life: Voices From the English Underground, 1961-71 (London, 1998).
Joe Keenan (Ed.), The Labour Opposition of Northern Ireland (Belfast, 1992). William Gary Kline, The Individualist Anarchists: A Critique of Liberalism (Lanham, Maryland, 1987).
Fintan Lane, The Origins of Modern Irish Socialism 1881-1896 (Cork, 1997).
Carl Levy, Gramsci and the Italian Anarchists (London, 2001).
Alan MacSimóin, ‘History of Anarchism in Ireland’, in Workers Solidarity Movement webpage, (1996).
Mícheál MacUileagóid, From Fetters to Freedom: The Inside Story of Irish Jailbreaks (Belfast, 1996).
Howard Marks, Mr. Nice (London, 1998). James J. Martin, Men Against the State: The Expositors of Individualist Anarchism in America, 1827-1908 (Illinois, 1953).
Ferghal McGarry, Irish Politics and the Spanish Civil War (Cork, 1999).
John McGuffin, Joe Mulheron, Charles John ‘Nomad’ McGuinness (Derry, 2002).
John McGuffin, Internment (Tralee, 1973).
John McGuffin, Last Orders, Please! (Derry, 2000).
Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism (London, 1992).
Albert Meltzer, The Anarchists in London, 1935-1955 (Orkney, 1976).
Albert Meltzer, I Couldn’t Paint Golden Angels (London, 1996).
Mike Milotte, Communism in Modern Ireland: the Pursuit of the Workers’ Republic since 1916 (Dublin, 1984).
Ronnie Munck, Bill Rolston, Belfast in the Thirties (Belfast, 1987). Max Nettlau, A Short History of Anarchism (London, 1996).
Máirtín Ó Catháin, ‘Obituaries – John McGuffin’, in Saothar, Vol.28 (2003).
Emmet O’Connor, A Labour History of Ireland 1824-1960 (Dublin, 1992).
Emmet O’Connor, Syndicalism in Ireland 1917-23 (Cork, 1988).
Hermia Oliver, The International Anarchist Movement in Late Victorian London (London, 1983).
Richard Pankhurst, William Thompson 1775-1833 (London, 1954). Henry Patterson, The Politics of Illusion: Republicanism and Socialism in Modern Ireland (London, 1989). Bob Purdie, Politics in the Streets: the origins of the civil rights movement in Northern Ireland (Belfast, 1990). John Quail, The Slow Burning Fuse: The Lost History of the British Anarchists (London, 1978).
J. Quinn, ‘No Surrender: History of the Early PD’, in Anarchy, 2nd Series, Vol.1, no.6 (1971).
Haia Shpayer, ‘British Anarchism, 1881-1914: Reality and Appearance’, Unpublished PhD thesis, University of London (1981).
Graham Walker, The Politics of Frustration: Harry Midgley and the Failure of Labour in Northern Ireland (Manchester, 1985).
Alice Wexler, Emma Goldman: An Intimate Life (London, 1984). Jack White, Misfit (London, 1930). Linus Yamane, ‘Free Acres’ @

4. Interviews and correspondence
Interview with and correspondence from founding member of Belfast Anarchist Group, 3, 5 & 23 September and 13 & 15 October 2004.
Letter from Andrew Boyd to the author, dated 29 January 2004. Private information supplied by Felix de Mendelssohn, 18 & 20 September 2004.