Chronology of Events in the Spanish Civil War



April Republic proclaimed. Alfonso XIII goes into exile.
June Election of Republican/Social Democratic government.


November Right wing electoral victory, beginning of Bienno Negro.


October United but isolated workers rising in Asturias crushed by the army.


June 7th Congress of the Commintern approves tactic of Popular Fronts. Formation of Popular Front proposed by PCE.


January Popular Front pact signed by the Republicans, Socialists, Communists, UGT, POUM and the tiny Syndicalist Party.
February Popular Front wins election.
April Socialist and Communist youth organisations merge and become JSU under Stalinist control.
May CNT Congress in Saragossa.
June Popular Front government elected in France. French workers launch mass strikes and factory occupations.
July 17-20 Military uprising begins in Morocco. Start of the Civil War.
July 18 Barrio (Republican Union) becomes Prime Minister.
July 19 Barrio resigns. Jose Giral (left republican) becomes Prime Minister. Uprising defeated in Barcelona.
July 20 Uprising defeated in Madrid. Committee of Anti-Fascist Militias formed in Barcelona.
July 24 Catalan militia columns head for Aragon.
September 4 Fall of Giral government. Largo Caballero (Socialist Party) forms new government.
September 26 CNT joins Generalitat (Catalan government).
September 30 Decree militarising the militias, creation of Popular Army.
October 12 Arrival of first Russian aid.
November CNT joins the central government.
November 6 Government flees Madrid for Valencia.
November 20 Durruti dies in the defence of Madrid.
December Organisation of mixed brigades of the new Popular Army
December 17 POUM ousted from Generalitat government.
December 23 Popular support forces the government to recognise the Council of Aragon.


February 5-24 Famous battle of Jarama where many Irish volunteers fall fighting against the Francoist encirclement of Madrid.
May 3-7 The MAY DAYS in Barcelona. Anarchists and POUM confronted by Communist and government forces. Appearance of Friends of Durruti literature calling for a Revolutionary Junta of workers' delegates. Invasion of Catalonia by government Assault Guards.
May 17 New government formed under Dr. Juan Negrin (a Socialist member but Communist sympathiser).
June 16 POUM outlawed and its leaders arrested.
August 10 Invasion of Aragon by government forces under General Lister. Council of Aragon dissolved and collectives smashed (This contributes to the collapse of the Aragon Front March 1938).


April 3 Franco forces reach Catalan border.
April 14 Republican zone cut in two by rebels.
July 24 Popular Army launches Ebro offensive.
November 26 End of Ebro battle with Popular Army having to retreat.


January 26 Fall of Barcelona.
February 5 Government politicians begin fleeing to France.
February 10 Conquest of Catalonia completed.
March 27 Fall of Madrid.
April 1 End of Civil War.