Let Them Drown: Climate Change is War - and Wall Street is Winning audio from #DABF 2018


This audio is an independently organised panel from the 2018 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair on the bleak reality of climate change and its intersections with financial capitalism, state politics and migration. [audio]

What is climate change, where did it come from and why would Wall Street have anything to do with it?

What are fossil fuels and sure isn't climate change solved now I have a keepcup reusable coffee mug?! How far are we really from climate collapse, and what would that look like?

Who are the people we drown so we can continue our reliance on fossil fuels? Can capitalism facilitate decarbonisation or is revolution our only hope?

Just a few questions we'll attempted to answer in this panel discussion by Conor McCabe, Lucky Khamboule, and "Not Here Not Anywhere" in a panel session chaired by Sinéad Mercier.