Spring Talks: Cork Labour and the Irish Revolution, 1916-1922 -Dr. John Borgonovo Tuesday, May 17, 8pm


Solidarity Books is pleased to present the fourth and last talk in our Spring Talks Series: Public consciousness of ‘Rebel Cork’ during the War of Independence conjures images of the martyred Lord Mayors, the burning of the city centre, and flying column ambushes at Kilmichael and elsewhere. However, less obvious and less violent activities were equally important to the success of the independence movement.

This lecture will consider the role of Cork labour during the 1916 to 1922 period. The left/ right divide in Irish revolutionary politics will be considered, as will the mass mobilization that led some trade unionists and Republicans to believe they were on the cusp of securing a true workers’ Republic. http://www.solidaritybooks.org/events/spring-talks-series