Dublin Book Launch of the Worms that Changed the World


The Dublin launch of the book, The Worms that Saved the World takes place on the on the 2nd of December, in the Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Square, Dublin 1 at 4.00pm.

In The Worms That Saved The World a group of earthworms living on an imaginary headland begin to suffer when a golf course takes up residence around their home. The worms attempt to tell the new owners about their concerns but they are dismissed. In response they organise and join with the other birds and animals on the headland. Eventually they reclaim the headland for everyone.

The book follows a real battle which occured between local people supported by others to maintain access to a right of way at the Old Head of Kinsale after the land was acquired to build a golf course on.  This campaign which took place around 2001-2003, was to maintain that access for the people.  It was a campaign that signified all that was going wrong in Ireland in the midst of the boom.  Selling off parts of Ireland to leave us but strangers in it - taking what was held in common and putting up walls with razor wire and no tresspass signs. Anarchists and other activists formed part of a  broad movement, along with the locals to campaign on the issue.

“The book was inspired by the Free The Old Head campaign,’ said Kevin Doyle, ‘but it is about a lot more than just that. It is also about the environment and the need to stand up for your rights while celebrating community and solidarity in our lives. It’s a feel-good book that kids and parents together can enjoy and learn from.”

As with all childrens books, it is the illustrations which really lift the story into the imagination of the readers, and Spark Deely has created beautiful art to accompany this story of the rebellious worms who saved the day.