Dublin Mayday - May Day March, ‘1913-2013 Unfinished Business’


Come along and join the anarchist bloc on the Dublin Mayday march at 7pm on Mayday from Parnell square

Dublin Council of Trade Unions  notice follows

Resist austerity- March with your banners

The Dublin Council of Trade Unions is holding its annual MAY DAY demonstration on Wednesday, May 1st.

Assembly point will be Parnell Square at 7 pm and marching to Liberty Hall for a public meeting at Beresford Place.

Music and stalls around the Lock Out theme will follow in the theatre and bar area of Liberty Hall.

This year’s theme will be ’1913/2013: unfinished business’. The unfinished business includes the legal recognition of trade unions in all employments and negotiating rights for all members.

It also includes a policy of resistance to austerity imposed by the government at the behest of the troika. Resistance to unemployment; to relentless cuts in health services, education, social welfare, community services, and in provision for the needy.

Job creation can never be seriously addressed in a climate of austerity. Oil and water don’t mix.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions in its pre-budget submission demanded that the government invest €3 billion per year for the next three years which would create 100,000 new jobs.

Congress demanded the introduction of a 48% rate on income over €100,000, a 1% wealth tax and a financial transaction tax. This would go a long way to fund the job investment.

We urge you to mobilise your members and supporters to march on May Day to drive home to government that there is another way.