Dublin Pride 2017 - Working Class Queeroes "Fucking Dregs" Bloc


The Dublin LGBTQ Pride Parade is on June 24th.

A radical bloc, the Working Class Queeroes ("Fucking Dregs"), has been organised to push for a genuine queer liberation which involves neither being the flamboyant PR managers of corporations and parties, nor succumbing to right-wing and conservative ideas or a cis- and homo-focused agenda. Find out more about the Working Class Queeroes here: https://workingclassqueeroes.wordpress.com

Join us at 1:15pm outside HedgeServ, south of St. Stephen's Green.

Organised by those outside and inside the WSM.

We will be joined by many grassroots campaign groups, the Anti-Racism Network (ARN), Sex Workers' Alliance Ireland (SWAI), Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC), Irish Housing Network (IHN), Movement of Asylum Seekers Ireland (MASI), Refugee and Migrant Solidarity Ireland (RAMSI), SAIA, Action Against Secret Internment Camps for Gay Men in Chechnya, US Warplanes out of Shannon, Need Abortion Ireland, Identity, and the Workers Solidarity Movement. As well as welcoming any radical queers who are sick of a commercial and politically sanitised event and want to bring real queer politics back in force.

(Needless to say, we are trans inclusive, no TERFs please).

See the Facebook Event Page here.

Review of last year's Dublin Pride and coverage of radical blocs.










Short clip of last year's bloc:

"Remember that Pride began because of the five-day Stonewall Riots in 1969, involving volleys of bricks, bottles, and cobblestones launched at police. Pride is a gasp for freedom by the gutter people, a fist raised in defiance of a social order which has forced pink triangles on our bodies and inside our own minds."