Dublin protests in solidarity with those targeted by Ankara bombing in Turkey

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People gathered outside the Turkish embassy in Dublin last night to take part in a solidarity protest of remembrance for the 100 plus people killed in the bombing of a peace rally in Ankara on Saturday. 

The Ankara rally was demanding an end to the Turkish states war against the Kurds.  Many people are suspicious that the Turkish state has ultimate responsibility for the bombing, especially given the lack of security around it and the tear gassing of the injured and dying as they lay on the ground after the bomb explosions.

The protest was called by the Rojava Calling page, in the video above someone from the page explains the reasons for calling the protest and draws out the comparisons between the struggle for freedom in Rojava and struggles in Ireland.

In the video below, also from last night, the names and some details of most of those killed are read out (at least one person has died of wounds received since the protest took place)

You will also find photos from the protest in our Facebook album Dublin Solidarity protest with those killed in Ankara bombing

Video: Andrew Flood (Video edited by)