Even if you wrapped the DUP in a Rainbow Flag they would still be the most hateful people to exist


For the first time in the history of the Northern Irish state a majority of MLAs have voted in favour of Marriage Equality. The motion, however, has fallen due to the DUP launching a Petition of Concern which blocks any passing of the motion to law.

Voting against the motion - as 52 politicians did - is one thing, but guaranteeing its failure in spite of a winning majority vote reveals the homophobic, bigoted and bitter nature of the DUP.

How can these people be expected to represent us and "work in our best interests" when they won't even introduce the most moderate measure of equality.

A majority of the public, 68% according to the polls, are in favour of Marriage Equality - yet the DUP continue to pursue their own reactionary and backwards agenda.

This is how our political system works; MLAs are voted in off the back of their policies, the voter choosing whose policies they prefer (or whether or not they're Green or Orange), and the politicians are then told to "represent" us.

Meaning that for 4 years they can do whatever they want in our name, whether or not we agree with what they pursue, and they cannot be recalled - unless acts of Civil Disobedience occur of course and they are forced into a recall.

Now that the most moderate measure of "equality" has been refused to us for the fifth time, we have more than enough of a mandate to engage in acts of Civil Disobedience. We have more than enough of a mandate to reject the crumbs at the table; to even make kindling out of the table.

Let's not beg for Queer Acceptance in a straight society; a society that will not tolerate any deviation from the norm. Let's celebrate what makes us different.

Equality must mean more; equality must mean freedom, freedom from all oppression - homophobia, sexism, misogyny, racism, capitalism, wage slavery, (dis)/ability etc.

The fact remains that even if you were to wrap it in a rainbow flag, Stormont will continue to operate as it is meant to; as the Headquarters for subverting democracy, for cultivating and conserving sectarianism, for managing the affairs of the rich, and for doing it all in our name.

WORDS: Fionnghuala Nic Roibeaird