Afternoon of the Anglo Irish Bank protest, after the arrests


About 100 people were gathered outside this infamous bank, Anglo Irish Bank, on St. Stephens green by the time I'd arrived. I had already been informed of the fact that 7 members of Eirigi had been arrested after occupying the building from early morning. The Gardai had sprung into action and decided to clear out the occupation and they'd done that with the brute force that's become a bit of a speciality over the last few years.

Now there was approximately 1 garda for about every 3 protestors. A not so thin yellow line protected this bank, which should be protected as the rock that sunk the Irish economy. Whilst other countries attempt to control unemployment and stimulate their economies back into some action – in Ireland our leaders have successfully yoked up this massive burden onto the shoulders of the working people. They've let unemployment run rampant, emigration is on the rise, savaged our public services, destroyed community services, and the responsibility of clearing up the mess is with us, the Irish people. The developers, the bankers, the politicians who thought this could never happen just load on the burden to us, to this generation, the next, and the one that follows.

In the midst of all this, a hundred people on a sunny afternoon in Dublin are here to protest that we enjoyed none of the gain of the Celtic Tiger, and we'll be damned if we are going to take all this pain so that they can put the wheels back onto Casino capitalism.

Music played, papers and leaflets were distributed to passers by. There was a fair amount of goodwill from the passing drivers and passers by. People know what is going on, and are encouraged when they see someone who is prepared to draw attention to this swindle. It was also fitting that this Nationalised Bank – had to be protected by the police. It is like they are protecting a black hole, into which the future of this rotten republic is being sucked. Music played and there were a few chants of

'Whose Cops, NAMA's Cops.'

Sean Fitzbatrick burnt outside Anglo IrishThere was a flurry of activity when the Guards decided that they were going to stop an effigy of Seanie Fitzpatrick from being burnt. The guards are so desperate to protect the bankers and their golden circle that they'll even weigh in to protect their effigy's. Thankfully they relented when they saw that it was going to be strongly resisted and into the afternoon breeze and into the nostrils of the passing tourists wafted the smell of a burning effigy of a banker.

From there a group went down to support 7 Eirigi members who were due to appear at a special hearing in the Bridewell at 4.30pm.

Roll on Tuesday's protest – let them know we are onto their game and we're not going to take it anymore, we are not going to bankroll this bail out.

Words by Dermo


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