Enda Kenny and Joan Burton declare WAR on the Poor


Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Minister Joan Burton have begun the process of preparing the way for further attacks on the poorest sections of Irish society. As part of the governments strategy for dealing with the economic crisis there will be further cuts in welfare dressed up as reforms.

Kenny announced a huge shake-up of Ireland’s welfare and training systems over the coming months.

He called it “the most radical shake-up in our welfare, employment and training systems and services in a generation”. The measures aim to “focus our limited resources on those with genuine need” and “make sure people are better off in work than on welfare,”. This a few weeks after the wage level set by the JLCs were struck down in court and no efforts were made to provide even temporary protection for workers.  Now the minimum wage is  becoming the standard across the economy. 

Cutting the dole will now be justified by the government to make these jobs "attractive", eg force desperate people to take them. Minister Joan Burton (Labour Party) could not offer a commitment that welfare would not be cut in December’s measures when asked on RTE this morning.

After billions of Euro have been pumped into the banks and massive debts taken on by the state to facilitate the transfer of toxic debts to NAMA , we are now told that it is the working class that must pay for it all.