Errico Malatesta ideas on anarchism in Ten Words - talk by author Davide Turcato - audio

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Presentation given by Davide Turcato about the ideas and contributions of Italian Anarchist Errico Malatesta


What makes Errico Malatesta’s thought so unique? Why are his ideas so universal in time and space?

Davide Turcato—author of the book Making Sense of Anarchism and editor of Malatesta’s complete works, as well as of the Malatesta reader The Method of Freedom—answers those questions by describing in accessible terms ten key concepts that constitute the backbone of the Italian anarchist’s ideas.

By talking about such concepts as socialism, association, voluntarism, and gradualism, Turcato will explain to his listeners why reading Malatesta’s books is the best way to avoid reinventing the wheel of anarchism.

This talk was given by Davide to a Dublin WSM meeting June 2016

RECORDED: Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter