Extend the 1967 Abortion Act to the North!


Over 100 people attended the public launch of the Alliance for Choice meeting on Tuesday evening in the Europa. Speakers included community and trade union representatives as well as Dawn Purvis from the PUP. The campaign plans to organise a series of public meetings across the North to support the proposed amendment to the 1967 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill by House of Commons Labour MP Diane Abbott that if successful will allow women in the North to have access to abortion services.The vote will take place in Westminster at the latest in early November. The campaign is long-overdue and has to be welcomed as the struggle for women's right to choose is one that is based on freedom, equality has a significant class basis.

Winning this extension of the 1967 Abortion Act will provide an enormous boost for social struggles everywhere from Rossport to the campaign for free, safe and legal abortion services in the South. Victory will require a campaign that is built on direct democracy and mass participation from below that does not stop at lobbying MLA's or MP's. It's at the coalface in our streets, communities, workplaces' and mass mobilisations that confidence is built.

The WSM will be playing its part........

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