French Court Rules to Evict over 3000 Refugees


French authorities have decided to bulldoze the homes of up to 3,500 refugees living in a section of the Calais camp. A court in Lille made the ruling today, one which Refugee Solidarity activists plan on ‘appealing immediately’.

Authorities have claimed they will provide shelter for about a third of the evicted refugees, reported to be in the form of recycled shipping containers. Many of the others who are now being made homeless are unaccompanied minors who will find themselves at even higher risk of abuse and abduction by child traffickers. The adults who will once again find themselves homeless in an increasingly hostile country, will also find themselves at higher risk of crime and disease as a result of exposure and malnutrition.

Many of the refugees, in panic and despair at the thought of losing the little that they have, suffer already from symptoms of PTSD after fleeing brutal conflicts in which our Western governments, notably France are partaking.

As the wars in the Middle-East continue, leaving in their wake millions of dead civilians and millions more refugees like many of those in Calais, there are no sincere calls for an end to the violence from any involved Western government, or Russia.

On the contrary, earlier this month the US Pentagon requested an unprecedentedly high budget signalling more disaster for the people of Syria and Iraq in the not distant future. The illegal US-lead invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003 by American and European armies are directly responsible for creating the conditions which have grown Islam fundamentalism, prolonging and intensifying the Syrian conflict.

Instead of begging as they should, forgiveness from the people of the middle-East who have been maimed, raped, tortured, killed and forced to flee as a result of their actions, our governments have denied them for the most part any semblance of dignity or justice, forcing them to live in dangerous camps, regularly interfering with, harassing and evicting them. This must stop.

Words: PO'M

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