Statement on Gardai attack on Nov 10 Shell to Sea demonstration


Last Friday's events in Rossport were a clear example of the brutality of the state; non-violent protesters were viciously assaulted with fists, boots and batons. It is important to remember however, that these events are part of the same logic that saw five men imprisoned for 92 days last year for refusing to allow Shell to construct a dangerous pipeline through their land.Since the very beginning of this project the State has shown itself more than willing to act as enforcers for big business. As Bertie Ahern said, 'the rule of law must be respected', yesterday's events and the past years of struggle in Rossport prove that the rule of law is the rule of big business. While no extra gardai can be found to protect the people of Moyross in Limerick or other working class areas, the state can afford to spend millions deploying over 200 gardai to Mayo indefinitely.

The police and the politicians have shown what side they are on, it now remains for us, the ordinary people of Ireland to show what side we are on. We can support the people of Rossport by participating in local Shell to Sea groups, by supporting the blockades at Bellanaboy and by picketing local Shell and Statoil petrol stations. We should argue in our unions, through section, branch, conference and Trades Council motions, for the blacking of all work related to the Corrib Project. Let's shut them down.

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