Greek police join demonstrations


The population of Greece are in revolt again the IMF /ECB austerity plan that is being imposed on them.  WSM member Con who is a migrant to Ireland from Greece tells us what it is like to follow the struggle by home from Ireland and especially the extraordinary events yesterday when many police, who for months have been attacking demonstrators, instead joined the demonstrations.  Presumably they will soon be bought off and return to business as usual but all the same perhaps such an usual event is close to a miracle.

One of the things that I had to fight against my own self from the time that I start using logical thought to explain  and understand everything happening around me, was superstition. As you all understand superstition occupies very little space in my life. Having state that, I have to say that after what happen yesterday?!! I have started to have doubts about that and might start believing again in miracles.   

You will wonder, I presume what the fuck this crazy Greek comrade of us is talking about. To get straight to the point, today the free people of Greece, that they have been occupying the squares of all major cities of Greece and not only, for 30 days and nights were joined by a big group of police men and women, demanding Direct Democracy Now!!!

A little helpful note here: under the Greek constitution is an obligation of every citizen to participate actively and defend the democratic rule of the people ( even that "democracy that stinks oligarchy"). Still though, takes a lot of guts to do so,  this is why this action of these police women/men to my book qualifies as a miracle!!


Such things have happened before, even in Ireland the police mutined during the 1907 Belfast Dock's strike