Successful Household Tax meeting in Dublin's north inner city


The latest in a series of meetings in the Dublin 1/3/7 area took place in the Mount Carmel Centre on Nelson St on Wednesday evening, covering the Dominic St, Dorset St and Blessington Basin areas. Despite the competing attractions of the “boys in green” and Olly Murs, about 25 people were in attendance.

Malachy Steenson, General Secretary of the Association of Combined Residents Associations spoke on the politics and implications of the household tax, while campaign activist, Gregor Kerr, spoke on the CAWHT itself. Almost all present made contributions from the floor and there was a healthy debate on both the nature of the tax itself and the campaign. A number of those present agreed to get involved in further organising so hopefully a good base has now been laid for a grassroots branch of the campaign in this area.

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