Minister Joan Burton opposed by Household tax campaigners in Newbridge.


Upon receiving word that Joan Burton, Dublin West TD and minister for Social Protection, would be present for a meeting relating to a resource centre in Newbridge, the Kildare town and Newbridge town branches of the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes organised a protest to show that opposition to the unjust tax continues in the town and county.

IMAGE: Campaign members assembled in front of the hotel.
Over 20 people turned up on short notice to voice their opposition to the governments austerity agenda and the continuing government policy of making ordinary people pay the debts of financial speculators, both foreign and domestic. Despite the despicable attempt by the State to blame the cuts to local authority budgets on the national Campaign Against the Household and Water Charges, the campaign continues to thrive on the support of the overwhelming majority of householders. [1]
This support was evident as passing motorists beeped car horns and gave raised fist salutes as they passed protesters assembled on the Curragh Road, a usual happening at all CAHWT street events.

VIDEO: Campaigners welcome Joan Burton to Newbridge.
As the ministers car arrived, this time without a police escort, at the Hotel Keadeen, she was welcomed to Newbridge once again with chants of "No way, we won't pay!". Despite hurriedly bowing her head as soon as she saw the protesters at the entrance to the hotel, campaigners instantly recognised her and proceeded to follow her vehicle into the hotel car park. Hurrying into the building with banner and placard holding members of the CAHWT in hot pursuit and chanting familiar slogans, the minister was left in no doubt that the campaign had not, and will not, go away. 
Further misfortune befell Joan when campaigners found that the room her meeting was taking place in faced out onto the front of the hotel and was easily accessible. The protesters quickly moved around to that part of the 
building in which the minister cringed behind one of the people inside and as the curtains were drawn a member of the campaign said "the next time one of you come looking for a vote at my house Im going to be the one to close the blinds on you!". Campaigners in Kildare county will persist in their principled and determined struggle to defeat the hated household tax and move closer to reigning in the unaccountable rulers this country.

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