Joanne Wins: We All Win


Friday February 24th saw one of Ireland’s biggest and most anti-union firms back down. Dunnes Stores wrote to sacked shop steward, Joanne Delaney telling her that she had been reinstated in her job at the Ashleaf Shopping Centre in Dublin.

Joanne had been sacked for wearing her MANDATE union badge. Management thought they would put the boot in at a store where only a minority are union members. They got a surprise. A local support group formed and held regular protests outside Ashleaf. Letters and emails of protest flooded in, solidarity protests were held at other Dunnes branches. There was a growing threat of some of their customers doing their weekly shop elsewhere.

Joanne was very courageous in standing her ground. The protests organised by the local support group and the socialist & anarchist organisations did make a difference. It’s a small victory but one that shows if we dare to fight, we also dare to win.

Joanne thanks all who supported her. She said “it was the support and solidarity of fellow trade unionists who organised protests throughout the country, and shoppers who use the Ashleaf outlet, who by wearing a Mandate stick-on badge and complaining to management, have done so much to bring this situation about.”

Joanne was back at work on Monday February 27th with her union badge pinned to her uniform.

The Executive of MANDATE has agreed “to pursue the idea the idea of a National Wear Your Union Badge Day throughout Dunnes Stores outlets”. This should be followed up and tied into a union recruitment campaign.

From Workers Solidarity 91, March/April 2006
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