Kelly Banks on Jobs for the Boys


So during a press event yesterday, Alan Kelly (Minister of Environment, Community & Local Government) said that he has other career opportunities if the whole water charges initiative ends his political career. We would certainly believe that, considering the fact that former political insiders can be valuable assets to wealthy individuals.

For example, former Taoiseach Brian Cowen went on to become an employee of Denis O'Brien. He was appointed to the board of fuel supply chain Topaz Energy Group as part of a team of seven new directors. Earlier this year Topaz won a €20m contract to supply fuel charge cards to the Gardaí, the Irish Prison Service and the Office of Public Works.


It is certainly conceivable that experienced, well connected politicians may be useful in navigating the state bureaucracy in order to secure valuable government contracts. Suggesting anything more than that is risky though. Considering the hair trigger legal stance of the likes of Denis O' Brien and other Irish capitalists, we have to be careful in what we publish as the 'justice' system is heavily weighted in their favour.

Maybe Alan Kelly is considering career options in the corporate sector? He'll get a juicy ministerial pension if his political career tanks either way.