Lack of media coverage of August 29 Water charges march - video


The print media on Sunday failed to give any prominence to the huge water charges demonstration that had filled O'Connell street the day before. This view shot from 3 locations in the rally gives an idea of the vast numbers, yet as shown the front pages of the main Sunday paper failed to mention it.

This despite the fact that in the lead up to the protests plenty of space had been found for scare stories, including Minister Alan Kelly's latest 'bomb scare' headline grabbing attempts. Yet no space for the tens of thousands of people who had travelled from all over the county to protest against his continued attempt to impose water charges on them.

There was also relatively little coverage on RTE, nothing for instance on the Sunday lunchtime show. It's all part of an attempt to create the impression that the massive movement against the water charges has receded. In fact it is getting stronger, the news that 19% of the minority who had paid the 1st bill have now cancelled their direct debits shows a boycott that is growing day by day.

Have a look at the crowds shown in this video and tell us why this wasn't a story but an envelope of powder was? And then share it to demonstrate to your friends why we need alternative media like Solidarity Times - Free the Media, Be the Media

WORDS & VIDEO: Andrew Flood (Follow Andrew on Twitter )