National Organising Meeting of the Anti Household & Water Tax Campaign


The €100 household charge annouced by the government comes into effect on 1st January 2012. It will be the first step in the governments plans to implement a fully fledged property and water tax by 2014 that could be around €1,200 according to one government economic advisor. 

This National Organising meeting of Anti Household & Water Tax Campaign is intended to equip people with the arguments against these unjust taxes and the information and resources for organising a campaign of non payment in their community.

This meeting is open to everyone who wants to play a part in stopping these taxes
The meeting will be held in the Teachers Club, Parnell Square, Dublin on Saturday 10th September at 13:30 till around 16:30 .

Come along and spread the word

Campaign website:
More on organising against the Household/Water tax

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