Newbridge CAHWT meeting


On Tuesday January 31st 2011 a public meeting took place in the Hotel Keadeen in Newbridge, Co. Kildare. The meeting was organised by the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes and with around 200 local people in attendance, many having to stand at the back and sides, the meeting was a great start for the local campaign. The video below was recorded just before 8pm when the meeting was scheduled to commence and does not capture the people that continued to file into the hall after it was taken.

Clare Daly, Socialist Party TD spoke about the hardship that is being forced upon ordinary workers for something that is not their fault but the fault of the ruling class at home and abroad. She briefly outlined the causes of the crisis, the responsible parties and how they are making us pay for it. She gave a run through of the facts and figures around the charges and why we should not pay.

Mike Wallace, an independent TD, said it’s about time the ordinary working people of this country stood up for themselves. He cited the arrogance of our government who can boast to other national rulers of how placid we are and how easy austerity is to implement here. He urged the assembly to resist the unjust charges and to encourage their friends, family and co-workers to do the same.

A number of locals stood up and voiced their intention to refuse to pay. One elderly lady said she was ready to go to jail, explaining to the meeting that at least in prison she would have three square meals which she would not have if she payed the charges. One man at the front of the meeting asked if the CAHWT would be backing the fight against the anti-septic tank charge and was told that the three charges, household, water and septic tank would be resisted by the campaign.

The mood of the assembled local people was one of anger and defiance.  The leaflets and window stickers disappeared very rapidly after the meeting with an organiser having to go and get more materials while people signed up to the campaign, payed the 5 euro membership fee and received their membership cards.

In summary the meeting went extremely well with a full assembly room, militant attitudes and plenty of enthusiasm for activity. It may be that the days when the government could boast about the ease of implementing austerity on us are coming to an end.

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