No campaign plans to try and suppress Yes vote on Repeal day - bring ID to thwart them


Last night we received information (screen shot above) that the No campaign intend to engage in Trump style voter suppression methods by trying to get their people appointed as personation officers at polling stations.  They intend to target stations likely to have a high Yes voter the hope that increasing the number of challenges will result in enough Yes voters being unable vote to make a difference if, as is still possible, the result is close. Be sure to bring ID when you go to vote on Friday, the polling card is NOT in itself ID.

Valid ID includes (i) a passport; (ii) a driving licence; (iii) an employee identity card  containing a photograph; (iv) a student identity card issued by an  educational institution and containing a photograph; etc for the full list see

Voter suppression though demanding ID is a major tactic used by the right in US elections, often prepared for by the sort of scare stories that No leaders have been putting out during this week.  As the intercepted message shows their method is to target polling stations which they know would have a large Yes votes in the hope that a couple of percent of voters may only have brought voting card presuming it counts as ID (it doesn't). 

Obviously- as they intend - if this is only done at stations with large Yes votes and not at those where a No majority is expected it can tilt the overall vote in a very close result.

As we currently understand things while they can appoint observers these people are not allowed challenge voters themselves.  They can only observe to confirm that the presiding officer does so and are under strict regulations at all times themselves to prevent intimidation.  See first comment on Facebook posting of this piece for an extract from the regulations.

It looks to us like these scheme probably came from the No campaign American advisors who at several points in the campaign have reproduced American messaging (eg the solider / fireman ads) that don't work in an Irish context. 

In this case we think they have over estimated the amount of interference with the democratic process that is possible for their plants so their is not likely to be that effective.  But do bring ID so if you are challenged their 'cunning plan' will fail. 

Polling stations will be open from 7am, we recommend getting their early, casting your vote and then using social media to let all your friends know its time to do likewise as getting a high turnout will be very important for Yes.  We are about to make history this Friday and take another step in escaping the grim Ireland of their past.