People of Kilcommon say they will not meet with Shell when Pat O'Donnell is in jail

On Monday 409 of the residents of Kilcommon handed this letter into Shells office in Bulmullet refusing to meet with representatives of Shell while Pat O'Donnell remains in jail and the imposition of the Corrib gas project continues without community consent. The letters details a large number of grievances that the local community have with the imposition of the project, and states that people are refusing to meet with Shell while what “effectively amounts to ongoing and escalating physical and psychological harassement” continues in the area.
Community spokesperson Éamonn Ó Murchú stated that: “As Shell are well aware, there is a lack of trust in them in the wider Kilcommon community caused by Shell’s acknowledged mistakes in its treatment of the community when trying to push through its plans to construct an experimental raw gas pipeline and inland refinery in Erris.”
“Pat O’Donnell is currently incarcerated in Castlerea prison, serving a seven month sentence. We are deeply angered and upset by his jailing, and this supposed 'cosultation' is cold comfort to his family and friends at this time.”
 “Following a public meeting in Inver on Friday 19th March 2010 it was decided it is not appropriate to meet with Shell or RPS staff for the duration that Mr. O’Donnell is in prison. Furthermore, we will not be meeting Shell or RPS staff while the harassment of the community continues. We will not be holding individual or small group meetings.”
The text of the letter signed by the 409 residents follows
Mr Carrigy

I am writing in response to your recent letter (your reference above) in which you suggested your company and associates conduct “face-to-face and small group meetings within the community” to discuss “this phase of the Corrib gas project” i.e. possible high-pressure raw-gas pipeline routes in the area.

Following a number of public meetings and wide discussions within the Parish of Kilcommon on the issue, I feel all parties must consider the following points.

•    Despite numerous opportunities to do so, your company/agents did not at any time enter into open and honest discussions with the people of the area.
•    Such discussions should have taken place before the proposed project began, not fourteen years after the Corrib gas field was discovered.

 Since the proposed project began, your company and/or agents acting on your behalf have been directly responsible for and/or suspected of the following.

•    Unnecessary destruction of the natural environment at Glengad and Broadhaven Bay.
•    Harassment of local people on the roads by construction vehicles.
•    Repeated trespass on private property.
•    Contempt of a District Court Order over trespass issues.
•    Threatening letters and phone calls to local residents.
•    Construction of an illegal road through the Special Area of Conservation at Glengad.
•    Installation of an illegal septic tank in Rossport discharging into Sruwaddacon Bay.
•    Unjustified and hostile legal action against local residents.
•    The jailing of the Rossport Five.
•    Illegally constructed gas pipeline at Leenamore and Bellanaboy.
•    Continued pollution of the local waterways, including the drinking-water source of Carrowmore Lake.
•    Criminal damage to boats at Ballyglass.
•    Theft of electricity at Ballyglass Pier.
•    Light and noise pollution at numerous locations throughout the parish.
•    Suspected fish-kill at Broadhaven Bay.
•    Illegal boreholes at the SAC at Glengad.
•    Interference with protected nesting and feeding birds at Glengad and Sruwaddacon Bay.
•    Physical attacks on marine mammals in Broadhaven Bay.
•    Dumping of excavated materials into the coastal waters.
•    Illegal gas pipeline construction at Glengad.
•    Illegal construction compounds in Glengad and Rossport.
•    Fuel and chemical spills in coastal waters.
•    Illegal employment of unlicensed security guards.
•    Illegal security operation throughout the parish.
•    Repeated breaches of road traffic laws, including vehicle registration, tax and insurance violations.
•    Harassment of people in public places, including the local beach at Glengad.
•    Video surveillance of bathers – including children – at the local beaches.
•    Video surveillance of people in their homes.
•    Verbal and physical assaults on members of the public, e.g. Willie Corduff on Shell property in 2009.
•    Misleading the public and statutory authorities on technical and health and safety issues.
•    Ongoing attempts to criminalize the local community, e.g. jailing of Erris fishermen Pat O’Donnell.
•    Sinking of local fishing boat “Iona Isle”.
•    Theft of and damage to local fishing gear.
•    Involvement in recruiting international terrorists.

Considering all of the above,  which effectively amounts to ongoing and escalating physical and psychological harassment - and particularly whilst Pat O’Donnell remains unjustly incarcerated, I have decided not to meet with you or any of your agents in relation to the proposed Corrib gas project for the foreseeable future.


409 Kilcommon residents