Rabbitte threatens Public sector workers with wage cut


Labour party Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte has threatened public sector workers with further wage cuts if they don't deliver cost savings under the Croke Park agreement.  He claimed that since the country "was broke" in his words it is up to the workers to make savings by agreeing to redundancies and increasing their workload.

Rabbites threat was made on RTE radio on Sunday.  He was softening up the unions before the Croke Park agreement review due next month.  Ironically many of the workers are represented by Unions who contributed heavily to the Labour parties election funds. The threats follow a week in which the governing parties have staged a major climbdown on their promise to get the bondholders to share the burden of the massive bank debt after the ECB/EU told them it just wasn't on. 

So now the party that proclaims itself the representative of the working class is demanding that workers again foot the bill for the bankers and financiers incompetence whilst the speculators walk with their money.

WORDS: James McBarron