Reading Group Night: 'Das Kapital' Marx Reading Group, Thursday, June 16, 7pm @ solidaritybooks


Starting in Solidarity Books on Thursday the 16th of June is a reading group for Karl Marx's Capital (or 'Das Kapital' in the original German) Volume 1. For 13 Thursdays we will work our way through the book with the help of David Harvey's 'Capital' lecture series, available here: Whatever your politics, you're welcome to come along and engage with this massively important piece of work.

Marx's Capital can be downloaded online and Solidarity Books is also ordering several copies (the version whose page numbers David Harvey refers to in the lecture series). If you'd like to reserve one of them, leave a comment below or call into Solidarity Books, or send an email.

Remember it'll be starting at 7pm, not 8 as is more common.

Also, there's no prior reading required before the first session!