Rossport Solidarity Camp bulletin April 2013


This is the latest bulletin from the Rossport Solidarity Camp about the struggle against Shell in Erris.  For the background and history to this stuggle see our huge archive of articles tagged Rossport.

Hi there, finally we have a lovely bit of sunshine & the build up to the June camp is well underway. Please help do all you can to spread the word & mobilise folks to come up for it. Only 48 days until we start building the camp! counting down to June...see you there X

1. Shell to Sea talks
2. Performances of Ailliliú Fionnuala
3.  Help promote the June action camp
4. Latest news
5. Recent events
6. Court
7. Wishlist

1. Talks
We are doing a Shell to Sea speaking tour to promote the June action camp - get in touch if you can host us! We really want to speak at as many places around Ireland as possible. All we need is someone to suggest a date and help us arrange a  venue. Let's get the word out to as many colleges and community centres as possible.
Talks are so far confirmed in:
25th April Bristol -  7.30pm Hydra bookshop, 34 Old Market
26th April Leeds - 6pm Leeds University Student Union
27th - 28th April Manchester - taking part in the Extreme Energy Conference 10-4.30pm
Talks TBC in Galway, Limerick, Maynooth -  check

2. Performances of Ailliliú Fionnuala
Due to popular demand, we are really pleased to announce that Donal Kelly's play, Ailliliú Fionnuala, is touring across the country and then at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. Check out the dates here
Please get in touch if you can help with promoting Ailliliú Fionnuala performances, particularly knowing media contacts in the following areas:
Tues 14 May Town Hall Galway
Thurs-Fri 23-24 May, Camden Palace Hotel, Cork
Thurs 6 June Pavilion Dún Laoghaire

3. Help promote the June action camp
* Posters, flyers & films are now ready to be distributed - please contact us to be sent some! We really need help getting the word out.
* If you are on facebook, please help push both the $hell to Sea page: and their sister campaign the Rossport Solidarity Camp: .
* Sign up and watch our youtube channel for new videos:

Important dates:
From 1st June we will be setting up the camp, come along & get involved, no skills or experience necessary, this is a great way to learn and meet people.
21st- 30th June - Summer camp - bring everyone you know up to Rossport! This is going to be a pretty special event. The camp has been going since 2005 and so it's a bit of a reunion for everyone that's ever been and also a chance for lots of new faces to get involved.

4. Latest news
As far as we know, Shell are still facing huge difficulties with the tunnel boring machine, slowing down all construction on the pipeline :) If they are having problems without protests, imagine what June will be like :P

5. Recent events
The annual Good Friday Walk was a really lovely event, read the report here

6. Court
Shell to Sea campaigners will be in Belmullet court on 8th May 10.30am. Support is always appreciated.

7. Wishlist
1. Help spread the word about the June summer camp! Put on a talk in your town, get in touch for posters, push the shelltosea facebook page, watch our youtube videos....

Monthly camp update:

Donations to the running of the camp can be made to:

ACCOUNT: The Rossport Solidarity Camp
BANK: Bank of Ireland, Belmullet, Co Mayo.
SORT CODE: 905299
IBAN No:IE83 BOFI 9052 9924 3067 33

Many thanks!