Shell to Sea escalates struggle in Mayo as pipeline ship approaches

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After a quiet period the struggle against Shell’s attempt to impose a dangerous experimental gas pipeline in Erris, Co. Mayo has escalated once more over the last month. 

Shell are now attempting to bring the pipe ashore at Glenagad and over 20 people have been arrested to date resisting this. Shell’s Solitaire pipe-laying ship has arrived at the port of Killybegs and is expected in the Erris area any day making this a key period for Shell and for the community that is determined to halt its project.

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At the end of July 13 people were arrested on the public beach as Glenagad for demanding to see Shell’s permission to start construction work on the beach. Shell responded by importing dozens of private security and state police onto the beach and sealing a large section of this public beach off with fences.

Last as serious construction got underway a further 8 people were arrested as they entered the water to try and halt construction. During this protest a giant Shell digger dumped a huge quantity of material almost on top of one of the people in the water showing a complete disregard for their safety. Meanwhile at sea a Shell boat was harassing local fishermen who were continuing to work in the bay.

WSM members along with many other activists have been returning to the solidarity camp and helping to re-organise the solidarity groups around the country. While obviously people are needed down at the camp in Erris there is also a lot for people who can’t make it down to do from organising local solidarity protests to distributing news of what is happening.