That's Capitalism


The state of Wisconsin has become the site of a very high profile showdown; the conservative governor there has been trying to introduce harsh new laws which would seriously harm public sector unions, laws which amount to an outright attack on workers' rights. Under these proposals state employees would lose the right to bargain collectively, union dues would become voluntary and wouldn't be deducted from pay cheques, unions would face a recertification vote every yea,r with the union needing to win the votes of a majority of employees and not just of those voting.


The ICTU’s “Union Post” reported that a survey has found that 42% of American millionaires claim they DON’T feel rich despite having at least a million dollars in investable assets in the bank.

According to Fidelity Investment, many of the 1,000 respondents felt they would need at least $7.5m to make them feel really wealthy.



This article is from Workers Solidarity No 121 published May 2011