Tragedy strikes Western Australia


The tragic deaths of at least 30 ‘asylum seekers’ at Christmas island of the coast in Western Australian is an indictment on an entire criminal system that condemns humanity to misery and enslavement in the interests of capital and statism.

The brave actions of local residents in saving the remaining 90 people from the boat is in stark contrast to the state government and local authorities, who turned a blind eye and failed to intercept the boat before tragedy struck. The truth may eventually come out but will be of no comfort to the survivors, victim families and those who are still trying to escape persecution in search of a better life.

Secret cable leaks obtained by Wilkileaks has highlighted mainstream political parties high jacking the asylum debate to obtain political capital. One cable says an unnamed "key Liberal Party strategist" told US diplomats in November 2009 that the issue of asylum seekers was "fantastic" for the Coalition and "the more boats that come the better", Fairfax newspapers said.

The refugees believed to be mainly from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan later protested in the nearby detention centre after authorities refused them access to see the dead bodies. Many held placards demanding UN intervention and complained that many of the victims were family members, which included men, women and children.

As the death toll continues to rise we must remember everyone who perished and not just another faceless number to add to the bureaucratic machine. The appalling scenes witnessed on our television screens is another reminder of the inherent racism, inequality and exploitation at the heart of our global system.