Union opposes mandatory IBEC recognition


The unions have warned that any attempt to introduce mandatory IBEC (Irish Business and Employers Confederation) recognition would endanger working conditions, pay rates and general government policy.

One union representative stated that EU member states can continue to exert considerable control over how collective employer associations such as IBEC dictate policy or conditions.  The most well known methods for doing so being industrial action - followed shortly after by a good old kick in the teeth.

The trade union representative disputed suggestions that there was a legal requirement for believing in the existence of IBEC.

The official stated: "We think EU law is vague about whether IBEC exists, and since its existence is not clearly protected by EU law, we will proceed to transform their former offices into a dance club".

The issue of collective bargaining rights for money grubbing employers has been controversial since the introduction of capitalism, which has assured that all jobs and wages are dictated by a group of mentally challenged who tend to wear suits and gamble on the stock market and housing bubbles.

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WORDS: Gavin Gleeson