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Saturday June 9th see's the start of Unlock NAMA's Smithfield campaign. The Smithfield area, became a developers toytown during the boom but has been left to decay since the property crash. The campaign will focus on community organising, asking locals the question, "what would you do with the emty buildings in the area?".

The launch kicks off at 1pm in Smithfield square. 


Unlock NAMA in Smithfield


Over the next while Unlock NAMA will be focusing on the Smithfield area. This Saturday (June 9) we'll be holding a stall in Smithfield square and knocking on doors to to talk to people and find out what they think about the wasted NAMA buildings in Smithfield. Drop along from 1pm to find out more or help out.

Many buildings in Smithfield square and the surrounding area are empty. They are a monument to a property boom which benefited a tiny minority (banks and developers) in the short term. Many of these buildings  are in NAMA.

NAMA was set up by the government so you might think these empty buildings could be made available to the public and to local community groups. But NAMA is all about bailing out the banks. NAMA’s objective is to sell or rent the buildings it controls and then to give that cash to the banks.

Unlock NAMA thinks another way is possible. We think that buildings or vacant lots in the community should be used in a way that benefits everyone and that is sustainable in the long term.

What do you think?

That’s what we want to know. That’s why we’ll be knocking on doors and holding some public discussinos over the next few weeks.

Our first discussion will take place in the Macro Community Resource Centre on North King St., at 7pm on Wednesday the 20th of June.

Our second discussion will happen in the Prussia Street Parish Centre, 7.30pm on Thursday the 21st of June.

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