Video from protests at British Queen visit to Ireland

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This is a collection of videos of protests around the May 2011 visit of the British Queen to Dublin.  Ten thousand security personnel were deployed and the city locked down over the four days to prevent effective protest.

The eirigi organised march on Dublin castle

The huge amounts of Garda blocking the approaches to Dublin castle during the banquet.  Video is from the moment the eirigi protest march arises.

Eirigi banquet demonstration changing 'British Royals not welcome here'

Weird confiscation of Irish tricolour by Garda at search point on street


Attempt to break through Garda lines on Dorset street, around 4 minutes in there is footage from Summerhill where the riot squad appear to have chased protesters and where they appear to be arresting local women who verbally object to the violent arrests this sequences opens with.

eirigi protest at Island bridge war memorial to protest invite to UDA commanders 

Cllr Louise Minihan Car Searched by Political Police

Guy being arrested on Dorset street on the Tuesday while riot police form cordon

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