WSM welcomes rejection of the Lisbon Treaty


The Workers Solidarity Movement welcomes the rejection of the Lisbon Treaty. This treaty dealt with structural changes in the EU and as such no matter what it contained could not give us more control over our lives. This can only happen when we have democracy in our workplaces and communities.Anthony Geoghegan, WSM National Secretary says, “The results showed the largest ‘no’ vote was among working class voters, and the largest ‘yes’ vote was in the wealthiest areas. The government parties, the major opposition parties, the employers’ organisations, the farmers’ organisations, most of the national media and many of our trade unions called for a ‘yes’ vote. And they were defeated. This shows what can be achieved when the arguments are taken to people on their doorsteps.”

There was much nonsense talked by right wing opponents of the treaty (fundamentalist Catholics, nationalists and the pro-USA section of the bosses) but it cannot be denied that anarchists and other left forces put the issues of privatisation, militarisation and workers’ rights on the agenda.

Our task now is to build on this and forge a united European and International workers’ movement to counter the unity of our bosses. One immediate step that can be taken is the organisation of solidarity actions with fellow workers in other countries. The WSM is currently organising actions in support of a Polish trade unionist victimised by the multinational firm Lionbridge . Concrete, though small-scale mutual aid like this, when coupled with the spread of anarchist ideas can contribute to real social change – something which this referendum vote could never really do.

In closing, Geoghegan said:
“Large numbers of working people and families have rejected the bosses’ plans for Europe. Along with our colleagues in the anarchist movement throughout the EU, we work for an alternative Europe based on libertarian socialism, direct democracy and freedom.”


Originally written for the French libertarian communist group Alternative Libertaire