Capitalist crisis

Anarchist articles, audio and video on the bank and property crash and the resultant crisis in capitalism in Ireland and internationally

People Power! Pensioners show the way


What we were witnessing was a clear demonstration of people power in action. The government was in a panic and was drastically hurtling to reverse the medical card decision. And when this meeting was followed up 24 hours later with a demonstration of 15,000 organised by the Senior Citizens Parliament and another 15,000-strong student demonstration against the re-introduction of 3rd level fees it was obvious that politics in Ireland had changed drastically.

Can You Count? From the four corners of Muster thousands march in Cork to defend education


They came from the four corners of Munster and beyond for yesterday’s INTO organised protest march through Cork city. 

The final numbers taking part were huge and clearly the biggest seen in the city for a long, long time. Schools from Dungarvan, Listowel, Skibbereen, Kenmare, Thurles, Limerick, Tralee were present along with a huge showing from Cork City. Union banners present were from all over and included the TUI and the ASTI.

Grassroots Gathering and capitalist crisis - audio from Cork


Last weekend saw the 12th Grassroots Gathering held in Cork. The event was pretty successful I'd guess there were at least 80 there on the Saturday. It's good that after its two year interruption the Gatherings seem to be getting back on their feet.

The economic crash and the attack on education


The world seems about to end. The markets are convulsing, the banks are tumbling, the entire island is about to become some sort of black hole off the coast of Europe.

Never fear though, we’ve got a brilliant political establishment to shepherd us through the economic wilderness, and in the Budget on Tuesday 14th they revealed their master-plan, carefully crafted, as Mary Hanafin said, to ‘protect the vulnerable’. Unfortunately, it seems like they’ve got a different understanding of who exactly ‘the vulnerable’ in Irish society are.

Over 10,000 protest at Dáil against Education cuts - Video


Somewhere in the region of 15,000 people took part in the INTO protest at the Dail Wednesday evening. From the crowd it was obvious that as well as teachers many parents, secondary school pupils and college students had turned up to show solidarity.
The Gardai prevented access to Kildare street and the mounted riot police were on standby at the gates of the Dail. An elaborate filter barrier had been installed across the top of Kildare street

Thousands of Students Protest against Fees


On Wednesday 22 October, something over 10,000 students marched in the centre of Dublin to protest the proposed introduction of fees. The student members and supporters of the WSM were in attendance and distributed thousands of leaflets which discussed the origins of the attack and argued that students will need to build a mass movement across the education sector to defend and improve equality of access to education.

As we enter recession the system still works for the rich


Unemployment has risen by a third in the last year and everyone agrees that worse times are ahead. Worries about losing jobs and not being able to pay the mortgage are growing. Whose fault is it? Is it the politicians administering the economy, or is it the capitalist economy itself?

The Recession and housing in northern Ireland


The recession in the economy means that working people are having to come to terms with growing house repossessions, below inflation pay-increases, and a steep rise in the cost of living. Meanwhile, property developers and banks are busy using the credit crunch and the downturn in the housing market to get Government bail outs, despite the fact that it was their speculative polices that helped created the mess in the first place.

The triumph of greed over need


The construction industry and the property market have well and truly collapsed. House prices have already fallen by about 20% since 2006 and the fall is set to continue for some years still.

Time for profit restraint


Working people in the Irish Republic have been hearing a lot from the representatives of their exploiters lately about the need for us to exercise ‘pay restraint’ and to ‘moderate our demands’ in these difficult times.

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