Bray: Capitalism Is Failing ... Anarchism Is Fighting Back


Cutbacks? Fight For a Real Alternative
An introduction to Anarchism by the Workers Solidarity Movement

Tuesday 24th February 2008 at 8pm.
Venue: Villa Pacis (next to Queen of Peace), Putland Road, Bray.The Workers Solidarity movement, an organization of anarchists in Ireland, will host a talk on the economic crisis, its causes and the anarchist alternative. As capitalism yet again drags us all into a crisis we’ll discuss why this keeps happening, why capitalism has always been and always will be unstable, and the effect that this insecurity has on all of our lives.

We’ll talk about how the elites say they’ll solve our current crisis – cutting our pay and services, bailing out the banks, more regulation or voting for a different shade of the same nonsense – and why none of it will stop the boom and bust cycle from happening again. What can stop it is ordinary people taking back control of their lives from the bankers, the property developers and their politicians.

That’s the anarchist alternative. We want a stable and secure society where none of us have to go on marches to get decent healthcare and education, and where our young people aren’t bogged down in debts that will take a lifetime to repay. We want to leave the next generation with a system that works, with a real democracy.

As capitalism fails us again, more and more people are prepared to work together to fight for a better society. We’re angry about the banker’s bailouts and the cutbacks we suffer to pay for them. We're not going to fall for their attempts to distract us by turning us on each other. Anarchists are fighting back alongside the students, the pensioners and the workers, and we want to do more. If you want to fight for a real alternative then come along to our meeting in Bray and talk to us.

Getting involved

If you are interested in taking back control of your own life then get in touch through the contact details below. The WSM is NOT after your vote and we won’t make false promises to fight on your behalf. What we do commit to is helping, however we can, to empower people, campaigns, and communities to democratically and effectively fight back without leaders and bosses.

On our website we have resources giving some useful “How To” information that aim to assist. We want to share some of the skills and tools that we have found really effective in helping people work together as equals. We've also included some stickers and posters free to use. If you'd like us to come to your area for a chat or meeting, film screening etc, just get in touch.

If you would like to be informed of Irish anarchist news and events email with "wnews" as the subject line or text 085 1368737 with the word “wnews”.

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