Don't Pay The Water Charges



1pm Saturday 31st March
Assemble at the Arts College, York Street, Belfast.

Initially called by the We Won't Pay Campaign, other anti water charge groups have also endorsed this demonstration. Anarchists from north and south of the border – from Workers Solidarity Movement, Organise! and the broader libertarian movement – will be on this march, supporting the call that the only way to defeat the water charges is through a strong mass non-payment campaign.

Just as with the mass campaign in the South a decade ago*, a campaign needs to be built on every street in every estate in every area, a campaign which bases itself on the key tactic of a refusal to pay.
Remember - if nobody pays, the charge cannot be implemented. So don’t trust the politicians, trust yourself and your workmates and neighbours. By standing together firmly the charge can be beaten.
After the nonsense and claptrap of the recent election campaign, it’s time for some real politics so get out, support the march and give a clear message to all politicians that this charge is going to be beaten.
This is possibly one of the most important political demonstrations to be held in Belfast for decades. It would be great to see a good turn out and a sizeable red and black bloc so come along and join the demo. See you in Belfast on the 31st.

analysis of the Federation of Dublin Anti Water Charges Campaigns' battle against water charges