Dublin: 6pm picket of Spanish Embassy in solidarity with anarchist Amadeu Casellas


The Dublin WSM is picketing the Spanish Embassy at 6pm in Ballsbridge tonight in solidarity with Amadeu Casellas and anarchist prisoner of the Spanish state who is approaching his 70th day on hunger strike. The embassy is very close to the Sydney parade Dart station, please come along at 6pm sharp if you can spare a few minutes.
Amadeu Casells

The embassy is at
Spanish Embassy in Ireland
17A, Merlyn Park, Ballsbridge

If you can't make the picket please consider ringning, faxing or emailing the embassy to demand the release of Amadeu
Tel: 269 16 40
Fax: 269 18 54
Email: embespie@mail.mae.es

The following information about Amadeu Casellas has been edited together from various translation avalible online.

Amadeu Casellas is a well known anarchist prisoner. Amadeu spent already 25 years in jail, in fact he's the most veteran prisoner in Catalonia. He joined many collective protests, hunger strikes, rebellions, etc and suffered many tortures and reprisals as a direct consequence of his permanent confrontational attitude towards the system. Now Amadeu thinks that it's time to be released, but the prison authorities don't want to release him, so he decided to take a step forward again and started an indefinite hunger strike. Amadeu said that the only options are freedom or death. He's already at the sickbay of Quatre Camins prison and his health is going worse everyday.

The hungerstrike is to demand an end to his critical situation of imprisonment which has lasted more than 22 years along. 22 years paid for the struggle against the state and the expropiation of banks in the 70' s and 80' s to support workers struggles of the times. Because of the continued denials of the authorities to release him, Amadeu decided to stop eating; hunger strike being the only way for him to make his voice heard amongst those which want to see him imprisioned.

from La Vanguardia, a Spanish newspaper:

"Casellas was 14 years old in 1973 and was working in a factory in Balenya when he discovered anarchism. He believed in armed struggle, and the neccesity of revolution to change things, even today, when he has turned 45 years and is convinced that guns don't fix anything, he considers anarchism, still to be the definite solution .

More information at http://www.anarchistblackcat.org/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=1424