Dublin: Film - A Greek Tragedy: Scenes From The Junta Years


Two Greek films being shown Monday night at 8pm to put some context on the present revolt.ABOUT VOLTA CINEMA////////////////////[/b]
VOLTA CINEMA is a collective designing events that use film as a hinge
for discussion. We aim to use and abuse the medium to enquire into the
conditions in which we find ourselves. We aim to assemble themes and
discussions simply so we can begin the conversations that move us on to a
better world.[i]


Duce Narrates 6:55 ////////////////////////////////////[/i]
A anti-fascist film of Stamatis Polenakis in collaboration with
Prodromos Merevidis and Panagiotis Papadoukas. Duce narrates his
doings but reality disconfirmes him. It is the first greek cartoon in
the technique of papier de coupe. Polenakis designed the sketches in
the island of Sifnos in 1942, during Italian occoupation wich he
animated in 1945.
Frics 3:15 ////////////////////////////////////[/i]
The animated short film from 2003 throws a critical and humorous
glance in the consumerism and the adoration of money.[b]

The Rehearsal (1974) 01:23:58 ////////////////////////////////////[/i]
The Rehearsal aka I Dokimi (Greek: Η Δοκιμή) is a 1974 film produced
by Melina Mercouri and directed by Jules Dassin that is a
cinematographic indictment of the Greek junta of 1967-1974. The film
tries to give a reconstruction of the events in the Polytechnic School
of Athens (November 1973) by documents, rehearsal, interviews, songs
and poems. It was never shown in cinemas as the junta fell a few days
after the shooting was finished.[b][i]


Teaser poster for forums. blogs etc http://soundtracksforthem.com/volta/blogposter.jpg
PDF of a larger poster with details of event on it http://soundtracksforthem.com/volta/firstfilmvoltanight.pdf

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