Former chair of the Anti-Racist Network to speak at anarchist event


The Workers Solidarity Movement in Belfast organise a day of discussions and workshops tackling issues such as fighting fascism and racism from a class perspective, anarchist organisation and our vision of a free, classless, post-capitalist society.Former chair of the Anti-Racist Network, Davy Carlin is to speak at a day of discussions and workshops organised by the Workers Solidarity Movement and the Anarchist Communist Discussion Group.

WSM spokesperson, Michael McGovern says: “the discussion will focus on the recent racist attacks and what practical steps we can do to combat racism and the rise of the far right.”

Other discussions include the politics of anarchism and what type of society we envisage beyond the state and capitalism. WSM speaker Gavin Gleeson will also be giving an eye-witness account of the community struggle against Shell in County Mayo and the wider question of national resources.

“Over the last few years, we have witnessed the Irish state deploying a huge amount of its resources including the police, navy and air force to construct a Shell pipeline in Rossport in County Mayo. Despite violent repression from Shell security guards and the state, witch hunts, the local community continues to struggle against the this toxic pipeline which offers no social or economic benefits to the area,” according to Gavin Gleeson.

The public event will take place this Saturday, 18th July starting at 1pm in the Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre, 45/47 Lower Donegall Street in Belfast city centre.