NAMA and the economic crash - RadioSolidarity2

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  • Initially we have an in-depth interview with Michael Taft -Research Officer - Unite the Union, and blogger on how the Economy went from boom to bust. What he thinks of NAMA and what were the alternatives to the slashing budget that we witnessed in December 2009.
  • We do NAMA for numpties (what’s it all about) and
  • We then talk to our own economic analyst Paul about the bigger picture in terms of economy and who it serves!
  • Brian and Costas did investigation around what exactly National Asset Management Agency is, and we looked at the Irish Glass Bottle Factory as an illustration of the lunacy at the height of the property market when an old polluted factory was sold for €412 million.
  • Finally we look at a possible solution to our economic woes – we talk to Caoimhe and Gary for Dublin Shell to Sea about the campaign in Erris and how it might hold the key to a better future.

The show is dedicated to Howard Zinn, historian, anarchists, and activist who died earlier this year.

You can listen to the Radio Solidarity show 2 at NEAR FM.