Successful anarchist event in Belfast


The Workers Solidarity Movement and Anarchist Communist Discussion Group, organised a successful day of discussions and workshops last Saturday in the Belfast Unemployed Centre tackling issues such as fighting fascism and racism from a class perspective, anarchist organisation and our vision of a free, classless, post-capitalist society.

There was a small turnout with people travelling from parts of Armagh, Lisburn and Bangor to take part in the discussions. A member of Alternative Libertaire from France attended, while on holiday in Belfast. The day finished with a refreshing few pints in a local bar.

Commenting on the event, WSM spokesperson Michael McGovern believes: “workshops on relevant issues help to give the anarchist movement some form of public profile and direction.

Adding: Action without theory is blind and often futile, but theory without action is ultimately sterile and no use to anyone.”

Later on in the day a small workshop was held on the current shell to sea struggle in County Mayo with a speaker from the local Belfast support group, making links with the issue of national resources.

The Belfast branch of the WSM would like to thank everyone who attended in making this event a fulfilling one.

Please click on the link below for the audio recording on talks and discussion.