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The insurrection of Easter 1916


The Easter 1916 rising in Dublin is often portrayed simply as nationalist blood sacrifice but it can also be examined as an insurrection which was seriously planned to defeat the British army. It is credited with transforming political attitudes in Ireland, leading to the partally successful war of independance but nationalist histories tend to understate the other reasons why the situation was transformed and to completely ignore the wave of workers struggles that broke out during the war.

Notes on the article “Anarchism, Insurrections and Insurrectionalism”


The objective of this article is to deal with certain issues that I believe to be insufficiently dealt with if at all, in the article of Joe Black, “Anarchism, Insurrections and Insurrectionalism”. I believe those issues to be of importance if we are to debate on insurrectionalism, so as to understand in perspective some of its ideas and the specific place it has in the general anarchist movement.

Sovyet Rusya'dan: Ekim'e Dair Dört Efsane


1922'de Emma Goldman Sovyet Rusya'dan dert yanıyordu; [Sovyet Rusya] "kör ve topalın, sağır ve aptal'ın mucizevi kürler için toplandığı modern bir Sosyalist Lourdes [Fransa'nın güneybatısında bir haç yeri]" haline gelmişti. Tarihsel geçerlilik iddiasında bulunan pekçok dini olay gibi, Ekim devriminin pekçok efsanesi de tarihsel bir tanıklıktan ziyade parti liderliğine [karşı] körü körüne bir iman yaratmak amacı ile yazılmıştır.

küreselleşme emperyalizm Sonu mu?


Uluslararası ekonominin ve siyasi ilişkilerin tanımlanmasında küreselleşme teriminin kullanılması giderek moda haline geldi. Az sayıdaki büyük devletin açıkça ve doğrudan dünyanın büyük bir kısmını yönettiği [günümüzde], küreselleşme emperyalizm [terimin]in yerini almak üzere kullanılıyor.

Review: Caliban and the Witch


Silvia Federici’s “Caliban and the Witch; Women, The Body and Primitive Accumulation” does a fantastic job of taking the feminist analysis of the body and re-conceptualizing it within a class struggle understanding of history. She fills in the blanks that a traditional left analysis has missed, including the concepts of difference, women, race and the body. This work is very important, allowing feminists and socialists alike to realize that identity and class struggle are not polar opposite theoretical understandings

Issues 1 to 10 of Red & Black Revolution


Links to issues 1-10 of Red and Black Revolution from No1 published 1994 - 2005 . Includes links to PDF files of each issue.

Anarchy's Cossak Nestor Makhno - Review


The Makhnovists were a libertarian movement, deeply rooted in the traditions of anarchist-communism, that developed an experience of revolutionary changes in the economic and political structures of the backwarded Ukrainian society.

A New Direction For The Zapatistas


Over the summer of 2005 the Zapatistas surprised their supporters by suddenly declaring a Red Alert out of the blue. After a couple of days of near panic it emerged that this was just because they were undergoing a consulta (a discussion and referendum) which would decide on a new path for the movement. This new path is to once more turn outwards and to aim to build a new alliance across Mexico and beyond

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