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Mass strikes in Greece in response to new measures


Mass strikes with only hours prior warning are unfolding in Greece after the government announced new crippling measures for workers

ICTU president Jack O’Connor addresses Green Isle Foods strikers rally


The President of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, Jack O’Connor, told a rally in support of the Green Isle Foods workers and hunger strikers today in Naas that all 850,000 union members on the island of Ireland and the seven million trade unionists in Britain would be made aware of the findings of the Labour Court investigation into the real issues in dispute at the plant. This would allow them to make an informed decision when exercising their preferences as consumers with regard to Green Isle Foods products and those of its parent company Northern Foods.

People of Erris rally to Pat O'Donnell


A motorised convoy of 99 cars took part in a rally yesterday in support of Pat O'Donnell. The rally went from Mr O'Donnell's homeplace at Porturlin, traveled through much of Erris, and finished at Ballyglass Pier fishing port. Mr O'Donnell was sent to Castlerea prison recently for seven months for his opposition to Shell and protecting his community.

SSN: “Show You’re Angry. Make Lots of Noise”


Campaigning Group Social Solidarity Network (SSN) has called on people to come to the Dáil on Budget Day this Wednesday at 5:00p.m. to show their anger at “government attacks on ordinary working people and the poor across Ireland.”

Social Solidarity Network : Time To Get Organised


The Social Solidarity Network "is a grouping of people who have come together to provide a forum for workers and communities to unite to resist the attacks and to build links across the many struggles which will break out over the coming months" that WSM members are involved in. Some 7000 copies of this SSN text were distributed on the Nov 6th ICTU demonstration against cuts in Dublin.

The Belgrade 6 to be tried for International Terrorism


The six anarchist syndicalists arrested last September in Belgrade are now being charged with international terrorism.

Retired teacher Maura Harrington jailed for 4th time this year over opposition to Shell refinery


Retired school principal Maura Harrington has been jailed for the fourth time this year in connection with her opposition to Shell’s experimental inland refinery and high-pressure pipeline in north Mayo.

Shell Pipe-Laying Ship Arrives Under Navy Warship Escort


Warships and other Irish navy vessels today escorted the world's largest pipe-laying ship, the Solitaire, into Broadhaven Bay in north Mayo, where it will attempt to lay part of the offshore section of the Corrib Gas pipeline. The community around Shell's operations is now besieged and intimidated by hundreds of Gardaí, Shell security and naval vessels, all in the cause of giving away Irish gas to multinational companies.

Video: Solitaire flees Shell to Sea kayakers action


Five kayakers breached the Solitaire's unilaterally declared 500 metre exclusion zone yesterday evening (Thursday) in a daring offshore action. Despite the presence of Navy warships, Garda water units and private security vessels in Erris waters, the determined fishing boat approached the vessel. The kayakers made directly for the Solitaire, dodging Shell and safety boats, and came within 100 metres of the pipelaying ship which immediately left the area, roughly ten miles off the Mayo Coast. This was the culmination of a day of action against the Solitaire.

Irlande : Rébellion massive contre l’ultralibéralisme


Manifs monstres et syndicats pas forcément loyaux envers les salarié-e-s, la crise en Irlande nous donne peut être un petit avant-goût de ce qui nous attend en France. Les communistes libertaires sont en pointe dans la lutte.

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