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Factory owned by Israeli drones firm Elbit Systems has been occupied + shut down!


Great news from Kent, England this morning where a factory owned by Israeli drones firm Elbit Systems has been occupied + shut down!

An Anarchist Critique of Horizontalism


Horizontalism is an emerging term used to describe the key common characteristics of the waves of rebellion of the last decade. Occupy in 2011 was the peak to date but the term Horizontalism itself appears to originate the rebellion in Argentina after the 2001 banking crisis there. Marina Sitrin in her book on that rebellion says the term was used to describe the neighborhood, workplace & unemployed assemblies that emerged to form “social movements seeking self-management, autonomy and direct democracy.” 

3,000 March in Cork against Household Taxes and Austerity


On Saturday lunchtime about 3,000 citizens marched through the streets of Cork in support of the continuing boycott of the Household Tax and in protest at the sixth straight austerity budget to be imposed on the Irish working class, which was unveiled this week by the Labour/Fine Gael coalition government.

Become a WSM supporter


The work of the WSM is often limited by the resources available to us, both in terms of finance and labour. And although our members bring a wide range of knowledge and experience into the organisation for collective discussion there are also wide areas where we have much less knowledge and experience than we would want. The solution to this would be to have more members, and we are always seeking to get new people to join.

But we recognize that the time & financial commitments of WSM membership are not for everyone. And that some people who broadly agree with a lot of our work have significant differences with us in particular areas that would stop them joining. So we offer a Supporter Status for people who broadly like what we are doing but who for one reason or another can't commit to membership.

The Fight against the Household Tax - Time to Get Involved.


The regressive household tax is yet a further embodiment of the government’s will to make us pay for a crisis we did not create.

Globally, 2011 was marked by a surge in grassroots resistance movements that highlighted the inherently disparate nature of global capitalism, from Tahrir Square to the #Occupy movements that mushroomed their way across the globe.

At home however, the sad highlights of 2011 were job losses, another cruel budget that savages the living standards of honest workers, and a rate of emigration that is comparable only to that of several decades back.


WSM Membership & Engagement (outdated as of Oct 2014)


This position paper was modified October 2014 - read the current version at http://www.wsm.ie/c/wsm-membership-engagement-policy

This position paper outlines the two forms of WSM membership and how we engage with people interested in the WSM

Latest developments in Egypt - follow the WSM Twitter feed


As the struggle for democracy in Egypt continues to rapidly develop WSM members are using twitter to monitor news from protesters and good media source on the ground there and sharing important updates via our twitter account.  You too can see what we are selecting from the huge amount of information pouring onto twitter by following the WSM twitter feed. The latest tweets are below.

Will we see a revolution in our lifetime? - Audio from Rethinking Revolution 2


Listening to Rethinking Revolution at Seomra SpraoiThis is the audio recording of the second 'Rethinking Revolution' meeting on the topic of 'Will there be a revolution in our lifetime.' "Are we spending our precious time outside of work at protests and meetings because we want to improve our lives or are we just fighting for future generations. In either case what is it that we are trying to do as we move from topic to topic and struggle to struggle?"

Radio Solidarity - Where we are coming from!


This show is produced by the Workers Solidarity Movement.   The Aim of this show is to cover a range of issues and struggles that don’t get covered in the media.

We do not pretend to be unbiased.  We actively engage in politics and struggles to bring about change in society.  We hope to cover some of the issues which we think are live at the moment in Irish society.  We engage in those struggles and talk to others who are actively attempting to bring about change.

The WSM mail order bookservice


As it can be hard to get hold of good anarchist books in Irish bookshops the WSM used to run a mail order anarchist bookservice and provide anarchist bookstalls for events.


You check out the latest catalogue and announcements from the bookservice below. Please note that we only deliver books within Ireland. This is not an international service. If you're outside Ireland try AK Press or Active Distribution.

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